When I Bought the Wrong Plane Ticket

Last week, I had a pretty big meltdown.

It was my first full day at my new job. I hadn’t slept well and was running home to try and catch my fiance on Skype before he headed off to a conference and I headed back to work. I had an email alert that one of the flights I’d been watching had dropped over $100. Score! I logged on and found flights for even less… a roundtrip flight between Bangkok and Yangon for $80/person. Score.

Unfortunately, in my rush and with a lack of focus, I not only bought flights for the wrong location (to Ranong, Thailand when trying to summon RGN-Yangon, Myanmar), but I also bought them for the wrong dates. What. the. heck.

Fortunately I caught it immediately (although why I didn’t check again before I pressed the purchase button I will never know) but unfortunately I had a major freak out. Thankfully I was not at my new office and there was almost no one there to see it happen. Except my fiance, via Skype, who handled it like a champ. Not only did he call the airline to see about possibility to change, he made sure to give me all the info for the correct flights so that my dad could follow up later to actually change the flight. Dad called Thailand for me and sorted out the situation while I went back to work.

I’m a perfectionist and it’s really hard for me to let go of things. If I make a mistake or screw up, I want to fix it myself and I want to fix it NOW.

This was a good reminder that I can’t always fix everything by myself and there are really amazing people in my life who are willing to help me when I do screw up. I consider myself really lucky and blessed to have the friends and family that I do, who are always willing to support me ever 8,500 miles away. So I just want to say thanks and that I love you all very much!

PS In case you’re curious, the stupid tax only cost me about $80 USD (so $240 total for two people) which STILL kept the tickets cheaper than the next lowest fare of $268/person. So I’d say as far as stupid taxes go, this one was a lucky break.

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