Washington DC (in photos)

Another post already?! Well this ended up to be mostly a recap of my few days in DC, although I didn’t intend that to happen. It’s been a whirlwind of a few days–they feel as though they’ve flown by, but at the same time as though they’ve lasted for ever–yet I know in a very short time these days will be fleeting memories in the grand scheme of things. So here I write my memories…

I arrived Sunday night and an awesome fellow PCT picked four of us up that arrived at Reagan. Typically that wouldn’t be an issue, but us PCT’s brought quadruple the number of bags than people, so that her poor car looked like this:

Plus we each had a bag on our laps!

Breakfast with my cousin included animal crackers with our coffee

After staging, I met an old friend (since elementary school!) for an amazing Peruvian dinner before heading back to the hotel. Some of the PCTs I’d met the night before were going on a late night bike tour of the city, so I went along for the ride! In the end, about 11 of us went and it made for an awesome last night in the US.

Midnight bike tour of DC began with Lincoln

Continued with MLK Jr

Around to Jefferson

Through the Roosevelt Memorial

Past the Capitol

To the Washington Monument (which sadly, has a crack in it from the earthquake)

Ending at a previously pink but now very dark White House

The bike tour was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! The streets were deserted and we pretty much had free reign to ride right up to the monuments and cycle around DC. I’d highly recommend it to anyone trying to do something off the beaten track.

I only have a few hours before we have to check out and head to the airport. I’m expecting to be exhausted, but optimistic that I’ll manage to sleep the entire flight to Addis and be well rested when we arrive at 7:45 am. I feel strangely calm, but lately have considered that meaning I’m on the right path for me at this time. I’m so ready to get to Ethiopia and see what happens!


  1. Great pictures!

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