hold me fast, hold me fast
cause I’m a hopeless wanderer
and I will learn, I will learn
to love the skies I’m under
mumford & sons

Five years ago, I graduated from university. Since then I’ve held a handful of different jobs, lived in three countries and had a smattering of adventures that have completely reshaped and redefined the girl I was then: the girl who wasn’t afraid to dream big, but was afraid of everything else.

In those five years…
I took the the biggest road trip of my life, spanning ten states and one province.
I moved to a city where I had no friends, no job and no place to live.
I spent over 50 hours on a train… one way.
I went dogsledding in the coldest place I’ve ever been.
I saw the Aurora Borealis under the winter sky.
I watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.
I rappelled down waterfalls in Costa Rica.
I jumped out of an airplane.
I started and fell in love with running.
I have met so many amazing people who have inspired me in more ways than I can count.

Now I’m a Peace Corps volunteer.

It’s hard to imagine that this will be one of the most epic adventures I’ve ever undertaken, yet I know that it will be. My life has already changed in more profound ways than I can comprehend and will continue to transform in ways I can’t yet imagine.

I recently found a five year plan I had to draw up for one of my university courses. The three things on my plan? Peace Corps, corporate job and promotion. It’s funny to see that I pretty much followed my plan… only backwards. As much as I might want to deny the path I’ve taken, never imagining myself where I am today, the truth is that this is exactly where I thought I’d be at some point.

It hasn’t been an easy path. At times, it’s been downright scary. As a fellow PCV put it, “I was going to be scared to death, but I was going to do it anyway.” Now, sitting here in my small home on the Ethiopian highlands, I feel fulfilled and at peace. I feel as though I’ve located the piece of myself I buried deep inside me. These past five years have been good to the adventurer and the wanderer in me.

Here’s to the next five.

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