Thoughts + July Goals Update

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As I’m writing this post, I’m feeling absolutely exhausted. I’ve had a fantastic week, but the funny thing about being tired is all the strange thoughts that begin to enter your head…

When I was in the process of applying for the Peace Corps, I found a blog post by a current PCV in Ethiopia called “The Real Peace Corps.” It was one of the best posts I’d encountered at the time and still remains one of my favorite posts today. It’s so beautiful, so open and so honest about his experience there.

To say I’m not scared out of my mind of moving to somewhere in Africa, I would be lying to myself and to everyone else. To say spending this Thanksgiving and Christmas 8,500 miles away from my family and friends won’t be hard, I would be setting unrealistic expectations. I’m thankful for these thoughts and these doubts, because they remind me every single reason why this is the life I want for the next two years. And like anything worthwhile, it absolutely terrifies me.

Anyway, I think this will be the end of my monthly goals as I know it. I don’t want to give up goals and tracking them, but it’s hard for me to know what to focus on until I have a better sense of what my life is going to look like just under two months from now. So without further ado, here’s my July update:

July Goals

  1. Clean up the apartment.
    Pass. I did this!
  2. Read 2 books.
    Fail. I only read one.
  3. Re-start up gratitude journal.
  4. Run 70 miles.
    Fail. I think I got 35 or something.


  1. So true- it’s totally scary to think of spending holidays away from loved ones, but when you get there, I think you’ll be pretty distracted to fight off most of the homesickness you would feel.

    I’ve thought of doing PeaceCorps several times but still haven’t found the courage to do it. BTW, 35 miles is still pretty awesome! I just started tracking my progress on dailymile so I’m up to like 29 in the last few weeks.. I’m hoping to run at least 50 a month since I have the half marathon coming up… I’m not sure how I’ll manage to do my 50 mile/month goal with a cross country moved planned but we shall see.

    You rock and you totally keep me inspired 🙂 BTW also thank you for being like, my first charity: water donation… we just hit $2k and you kicked it off!

    • lora kathleen says:

      Thanks Shannyn! It took me a solid 5 years to push the send button on my application, so you never know what might happen!

      Good for you on 50 miles/month! That is so great. It may be tough at first, but soon it’ll seem second nature. Unfortunately, my running has fallen by the wayside since my marathon is the day before I depart for Ethiopia and I can’t figure out how to make it work… we shall see what happens.

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