The Burden of Debt

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I woke up this morning with a heavy heart.  My exhaustion is reaching a whole new level that I didn’t realize was there.  If I could have, I would’ve rolled back over and gone to sleep but I didn’t.  I can’t give up now… there’s much work left to do.

Paying off my debt isn’t for anyone but myself.  It’s so I can be free from my current restrictions.  So I can have the freedom to choose my own future and not be chained to the debts of my past.

I’m the only person responsible for getting myself into this mess, so I have to take responsibility to get myself out of it.  And right now that means 60-70 hour work weeks, having little to no fun and serious lifestyle reduction.

After all, what is one year of sacrifice for a lifetime of freedom?  Worth every exhausting minute.

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