I Will Run a Marathon

St. George (via flickr)

Similar to giving up meat for lent, I made another spur of the moment decision the week after I got back from Costa Rica.

One of my friends kept talking about running a marathon. I’ve thought before that people who voluntarily run 26.2 miles were a little out of their minds, but hey, what do I know? Despite the fact that I’ve never been a runner–AT ALL–after talking with her about it so much, I got to thinking… Why not do what I thought impossibleI will run a marathon.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that #1 on my 30 before 30 is to run a half marathon. I think a full will cover it.

I’m kickstarting my training with the Alamo City Beer Challenge, because what sounds more fun than beer and running?? The series really is targeted at marathoners running in November, but I’ll make it work and have fun along the way.

And off I go!

(image via flickr)