I’m sure my loyal readers have noticed my sporadic and overall poor posting lately. It’s not that I forgot about my blog, it’s just that some big things have been happening that I’ve been unwilling to talk about until now.

Starting Over

With less than eight months left in my service, I’m starting over.

Changing sites is a deeply personal decision and one that I don’t believe any PCV makes lightly. That said, when someone does move in the middle of their service there is often a very good reason. That very good reason happened to me, so this past week I packed up my entire house and left Bure.

Unlike the end of service, I didn’t get to say goodbye. My landlord didn’t know the final coffee ceremony was going to be the last. My best friend–who wanted to plan a large party–gave me a shoulder bump and walked away not realizing it was the last time I’d see him for awhile. I guess I’m lucky in that I will be close enough to take a day trip and see the people I care about most, but leaving without goodbyes is always hard.

I’m now settled in Bahir Dar, the regional capital of Amhara and one of my favorite cities in Ethiopia, and I’ll finish out the remaining eight months of my service here on the shores of Lake Tana. I’m sure it’ll go by quickly as I explore and learn more about my new city.


  1. Stay strong– you are almost there! I too changed sites when I was a PCV in Moldova (’05-’07) and I had about 6 months left of service. Hopefully you did not change sites for the same reason I did, but I never got a chance to say bye to anyone and I still think about that. Peace Corps is a different experience for every PCV, and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

    • lora kathleen says:

      Thanks so much Kathryn! It’s definitely hard to objectively see the situation while in the middle of it, but I do hope I can look back a little more positively at the end of all this 🙂

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