September Financial Summary

It keeps getting better and better!

My budget was all whacky this month thanks to my work bonus (!) and an insurance check for car damages. I admit I didn’t keep as great as track as I have been with a couple weeks this month being just absolutely insane.  My parents also really helped me out again with car issues (money for a rental & now borrowing my dad’s car until mine is fixed).

Need: -$264.28
Rent, energy bill, gas… I actually did pretty well considering I drove to Austin for the night 3 times this month.

Save: $0
Spot on again this month with my Roth IRA… can’t wait to increase that some day.  But my new 401(k) kicked in finally!

Want: -$1.70
Concerts, new purse, dining out.  Meh, could’ve been worse.

Net worth: +$10,050.80 (up 43.78% from August)

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