Peace Corps Interview

So I don’t really talk a lot about my Peace Corps application on here, but I do want it to help keep a record of the process for anyone who might be interested and stumbles across my humble little site.

I had my official Pace Corps interview on December 21, 2011, almost two months after I sent in my initial application.  (See my entire timeline here.)  I met my recruiter in a local coffee shop where he’d had (or was about to have) a Coffee Talk.

I started by giving my recruiter and update of what’s happened in my life (new job and volunteer opportunities I’m participating in) and he made notes on my file.

It was a little awkward at first since a lot of the questions were scripted and it was difficult to get real dialogue going as he constantly was typing in what I’d said.  The Peace Corps wiki has the questions SPOT ON (with the exception of the playground question… I didn’t get that one), SO if you are prepping for your Peace Corps interview I’d definitely prep for every one on this list.  It might seem tedious and redundant, but you will be asked so be ready!

Things picked up once I was able to ask questions and we just spoke about his experiences as a community development volunteer, any concerns I might have, how I can gain more experience to make myself a more competitive applicant, etc.  He mentioned with my new experiences I’d be eligible for Business Development and there is always a need for French speaking Business Development volunteers.  That definitely gave me the encouragement I needed to continue strong and practicing my French!

The following day my recruiter sent me the Health addendum as well as the Business addendum that I will need to have returned to him (with an updated resume) by February.  I’m pretty much ineligible for all opportunities until Jan-Mar 2013 open up this coming March.  I wasn’t nominated on the spot like many volunteers, but I felt optimistic when leaving that I could be nominated in the coming months.

To anyone who hasn’t yet had their interview, feel free to reach out to me with any questions!  Good luck to all the potential volunteers out there, I hope my experience has been useful!!


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