One Year From Now

I received an newsletter in my inbox a couple weeks ago from Jenny Blake’s “Make Sh*t Happen” newsletter. Blake is also the author of the Life After College website and book with the same title. I ordered Life After College upon reading this newsletter, which I received last week, but after signing up for the “Make Sh*t Happen Crash Course” which I took last Wednesday.  I’ve also since signed up for the full “Make Sh*t Happen” course and can’t wait to get into it on Monday!

This post was written several weeks ago on the day I received the newsletter.
I am on so many different mailing lists and subscribed so many newsletters, I decided a couple months ago to unsubscribe from every one that pops into my inbox that doesn’t get my attention. I’ll give the mailing two chances, then it’s gone. (Chris Guillebeau of “Art of Non-Conformity” opened up one his first newsletters with the promise that if you don’t find his relevant, you should unsubscribe.)

Upon seeing Jenny Blake’s *Make Sh*t Happen” newsletter, titled “How to Snap out of Analysis-Paralysis,” I had pretty high hopes. The first several emails I’d received, although not earth-shattering for me, had interesting content that I kept wanting to see more.

This particular newsletter grabbed me within mere seconds of starting, when she says she was asked, “How will you feel if one year from now, nothing has changed?”

Wow. How would I feel if one year from now, nothing has changed?

Up until about six months ago, that question practically haunted me. Fearing that in one year, I’d be in the same position, feeling the same amount of daily misery, doing the same thing just for a paycheck to stay afloat, spending more money than I made, feeling like I wasn’t doing anything productive with my life…

Then I made my first decision: I was going to pay off my debt. So I started the process.
Then I made a second decision: I am going to leave my job that makes me so unhappy. So I resigned.

Looking Back

One year ago, I was six months into a promotion with the company I’d been with almost two years. I thought I was happy, but I’d already toyed with the idea of leaving. Instead I’d been promoted, given (mostly) new responsibilities, and had more challenging work… So I settled into a routine. I was mostly comfortable.

Except that I wasn’t completely. I was stressed about money, stressed that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to because I was in debt.

Looking Forward

I hope that a year from now, everything has changed. I hope that I’m debt free. I hope that I’ve travelled. I hope that I’ve lead a healthier life. But most of all, I hope that I’m leading the life I want instead of the life that I’ve accepted. I hope this year has radical changes in store… and I’ll make sure it does.

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