Moving Pains

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As I mentioned earlier this week, I moved over the weekend!  I went from a 1,400 sq ft house (holding 2 people) into an approximately 500 sq ft apartment (holding 1).

I knew that I couldn’t wait to get out of the house life back into the apartment life, but being back in an apartment these past few days has reminded that it’s definitely the best thing for me right now.  I miss all the extra storage space and having a yard – but I don’t miss cleaning and taking care of either!!

I also love that I am able to put whatever I want, wherever I want, and not have to worry about fitting in a roommate’s items or worrying what that person will think of the location.

My dog has adjusted surprisingly well already. He has a few occasional barks at other barking dogs or odd noises, but overall, he’s found a spot on the floor to keep his pillows and has already thrown his toys all over the place.

I lived out of boxes for probably 6 months in the house, but I’m determined that not happen this time. I still have several boxes to go (mostly in my closet and bathroom), but have the pot rack and curtain rods hung in a record amount of time.  Feels like home already!


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