March Financial Summary

The good news about March is that my actual debt is down to $9,978.81 as of April 1, 2012 so I am officially below $10,000! PARTY TIME!

That being said, I took a trip to Costa Rica that ended up being a bit more expensive than I thought it’d be (plus loss of pay for the days I took off), so I’ll end up hurting a little this month. But all is well overall.


Here’s how things look:

As a reminder, you can view the full, most up-to-date debt spreadsheet here.


I did pretty well this month on sticking to my budget since I did NOT include the bulk of my trip expenses. I’m going to try to detail those best I can in a later post.

Need: over $126.62
Well I dropped this category down by $100 this month and clearly blew past that. Whoops. I didn’t realize how long I’d been skimping on home and personal care products that I needed to stock back up on some things.

Save: $0
I put almost everything on hold again this month to put it toward debt/trip stuff. However, my new favorite tool is ImpulseSave that allows me to actually save the $5 extra I have by not stopping at Starbucks instead of just saying that I’m saving it. I saved almost $100 this month which will be nice to snowflake toward my debt.

Want: over $88.79
Oh well, also could have been much worse. It has some travel expenses and yoga that totally shot this, but it will be under control next month. It has to be.

Net worth: $14,153.89  (up 3.01% from February)

I think I did okay overall. Not the best month ever but certainly better than my net worth going negative!


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