Lists and Lists and Lists… Oh My!

I made it no secret that I was feeling really stressed out last week.

To combat that, I’ve made some MAJOR “To Do” lists… anything from a “To Do Today” on the back of an old receipt or sticky note (including things like pick up dry cleaning or renew Craigslistings), to a “To Sell, To Donate, To Keep” list, to a master “To Do Before I Leave.”

Every tiny idea that pops into my head as something I need to get done or taken care of is added to a list. I figure that sooner or later I will be overwhelmed by the lists, but at least for now it gives me a place to write things down so I stop worrying about them!

Since I am living by my lists, here are a couple random things I’d like to accomplish in the next month:

1. Finish my full inventory of items
2. Pay my Discover card back down to $0 (it’s currently at $1,200… all thanks to medical expenses)
3. Become Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified
4. Spend money ONLY on necessities (no dining out, no frivolous Stuff, nada)

Like I said, I don’t think it’s a long-term solution, but it’s helping me manage the stress levels for now.

How do you combat rising stress levels?


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