June Goals Update + July Goals

I leave on Thursday for Portland. SO EXCITED! It will be nice to get out of this summer heat for several days and be around some really awesome people.

Moving on… I had a hard month. I only successfully completed three of my eight goals, but you know what, I’m gonna celebrate! Two were HUGE and I am so happy to have knocked them out. So yay for that.

June Goals

  1. Finish my Peace Corps Medical Clearance paperwork and send it in!
    Fail. I am picking it up today or tomorrow (I hope). This has been nothing but stress and drama for me the past several weeks…
  2. Finalize date to take French CLEP Exam.
    Fail. With the aforementioned medical paperwork drama, I haven’t even thought about French in the past month.
  3. Keep up with gratitude journal.
    Another fail. I don’t even know where it is… it’s probably been at least a month.
  4. Volunteer once per week.
    ANOTHER fail. I think I got 1 or 2x in.
  5. Run 60 miles total.
    SUCCESS! I ran 67.36 miles this month.The next 4 are from this post
  6. Finish my full inventory of items.
    Another fail.
  7. Pay my Discover card back down to $0 (it’s currently at $495).
  8. Become Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified.
  9. Spend money ONLY on necessities.
    Fail. Unless you count new running shoes and some more work clothes as necessities… 🙂

July Goals

  1. Clean up the apartment
  2. Read 2 books.
  3. Re-start up gratitude journal
  4. Run 70 miles.

What are you doing for July?




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