#29: Improve Blog Layout and Content

Update:  In fall 2011, I upgraded to WordPress.org and moved my domain to my own host website, in the process having to switch out my website design.  It was a great learning adventure and I know so much more about html now!

Today during lunch I took another step on achieving everything on my 30 Before 30 list by starting to do improve my blog layout and content.

You may be thinking to yourself that nothing has changed.  Well look again.  There are a couple of very minor cosmetic changes and a title change (lora | kathleen), but the biggest piece is that I now own my own domain at http://lorakathleen.com.

I’ve been doing some research into developing my own personal brand and web design.  I don’t think I’ll be able to learn it all on my own, but there are a couple reasonably priced programs out there that can help me create the blog I know this can be.

In fact, I did the above logo by myself in Aviary Raven, which is their vector illustrator.  It still needs a LOT of work, but I’m pretty proud of it…

I’m currently looking at Thesis if I want to DIY, but if anyone out there knows any other resources or any web designers (I’m completely open to taking the easy way out!), feel free to send anything along my way!

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