I paid off all my credit cards!!

photo by D Sharon Pruitt

I accidentally posted this Wednesday a little prematurely… but today it’s official! I am free from credit card debt that just 10 months ago was over $8k.

I had this lovely email in my inbox this morning from Mint:

Now that I’ve knocked that one off my financial goals list, time to knock off the next one: my personal loan. Stay tuned!


  1. WOOHOOO! Congrats

  2. Congratulations on reaching this amazing goal! It feels awesome to finally pay off all your credit cards. I remember when I did that last year – it feels so freeing. Awesome stuff Lora!

    • lora | kathleen says:

      Thank you so much Carrie! It does feel so amazing and freeing. Can’t wait to knock out the rest of it 🙂

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