Ethiopia in Unexpected Places

Bet Israel Jerusalem Lora Kathleen

This is a young man we met in Israel who is descended from the House of Israel (Bet Israel). He is doing is military service right now and let us chatter away at him in Amharic, even though he spoke neither Amharic nor English much, only Hebrew.

It was the first person we met with ties to Ethiopia after leaving six months ago. Little did we know we’d soon see some of the¬†Ethiopian Orthodox community in Jerusalem on our way along the via Dolorosa.

Ethiopian Orthodox Priests Jerusalem Lora Kathleen


These are the priests who keep watch over the Ethiopian Orthodox altar at the Church of the Holy Selpulcher. One of these three is actually from Bahir Dar.

While it shouldn’t have been wholly unexpected to meet these Ethiopians in Jerusalem, it was a wonderful experience all the same. I’ve been contemplating over the past couple days as Ethiopia has appeared once again in unexpected places.


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