December Goals

Oh hey, December.  When did that happen?  Here we are, on the last month of 2011.  Given everything that has happened lately, I’m going to do some pretty simple goals this month.  In December, I want to:

  1. Read 6 books
  2. Close Citicard AAdvantage (paid if off last month… ahead of schedule!)
  3. Pay off 25% of my credit cards
  4. Cook dinner at least once a week


I’m going to push these last four and a half weeks to finish out the year strong with my debt reduction, and 2012 will look vastly different.  New adventures await, so I want to go out of 2011 with a bang!

What are your plans to finish out 2011?


(image via tvgeekarmy… For some reason, I couldn’t get “Winter is coming” out of my head while writing this post, so in the ultimate level of geekiness, I thought a Game of Thrones image was fitting, no?)

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