Hey guys! For quickest response, you can email me at lorakathleen at gmail dot com.

Since I will be in Ethiopia beginning October 2012, I would LOVE snail mail and packages!! My shipping address is:

Lora Koenig
P.O. Box 565
Bahir Dar

After extensive research on the topic, here are some hints and tips to remember:

  • It takes 2-4 weeks for letters to arrive… packages likely the 3-6 weeks
  • Date/number letters so we can tell if any go astray
  • Don’t send postcards – if you do please put in an envelope
  • For packages: Use flat rate boxes! (they are a godsend)
  • Put food in ziplock bags/tupperware
  • Don’t send any electronics – the customs cost is not worth it
  • Keep a copy of the tracking number!! I cannot stress this enough. Apparently, if the package is taking too long to arrive, you can call USPS and ask for a trace to be put on a package… forcing Ethiopia to respond within a few weeks.
If you want to send me something, but aren’t really sure what to send… here are some things I like (and here is another post on it):
  • Candy!! I love M&M’s (peanut or pretzel), Reese’s peanut butter cups, Sixlets, Twizzlers, Twix, any and ALL candy
  • Foods, like sausage and cheeses (that won’t spoil), mac & cheese, taco seasoning, trail mix, torillas, black beans, salsa
  • New magazines and books (even if the magazines are old, they will still be new to me!)
  • Crossword puzzles, sudoku, other puzzles or games
  • Movies/TV shows on burned DVDs or on thumb drives (if you don’t know my favorites, email me!)
  • Art supplies – watercolor, acrylic paint, paper, anything… I will use it
  • Things to hang on the walls like those glow-in-the-dark stars or wall decals
  • Seeds that I can use in gardens


  1. Hi Lora!
    I found your blog about going to Peace Corps Ethiopia October 1 2012 in Community Health Economic Development and I am too! I have been trying to find others and create a facebook page (unless you know of one already). I just thought it would be cool to actually meet others before the actual staging. i can’t believe this is actually happening! :]]] Hope to talk to you soon!

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