So close, yet so far… and other thoughts

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“Consider, Sir, how insignificant this will appear a twelvemonth hence.” – Samuel Johnson (via The Happiness Project)

Happy Friday everyone!  After the stress I’ve been feeling the past few weeks, I finally got a couple solid nights sleep (and a three day weekend!) and my mood has improved. I had a lot that I wanted to talk about today so this post might be a little random….

First of all, I am SO close to being rid of my credit cards. Sooooooooooooooooo close. I am down to about $900 on one card.

The hardest part is that I have the money in savings to get rid of the consumer debt, but still having the student loans I realize that would be stupid.

It’s so tempting though.

Goal: To have the card gone by the end of June!


Next up, I have a lot of random food at my apartment in the freezer and cupboards so I decided to put myself up to a challenge for the next week.

Challenge: Only eat what I already have.

I am allowed to purchase a couple of staples (milk and eggs), but everything else has to come from what is already in my cabinet.


I’ve read a lot of great blog posts lately… here are some of my favorite:

Dave at What’s Dave Doing writes Just a little longer, about following your dreams, regardless of the reasons you can’t.

Chris Guillebeau at the Art of Non-Conformity writes How to Go Everywhere on your mentality as they relate to choices.

Christine of C’est Christine writes This is Your Life. Self-explanatory.


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