Merry Christmas!

Our hotel tree in Mumbai


Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I love to read and, if I accomplish my Peace Corps service book goal, will have read almost 200 books in the past 3 years. In particular, I like mysteries.

2. Christmas is my least favorite holiday. It’s true. I don’t love Christmas and it drives me insane that all the Christmas crap gets put out in OCTOBER. Let me enjoy my fall please.

3. People are constantly amazed that I have a neutral accent despite being born and raised in the same West Texas town. I can’t even count the number of times this has happened to me… typically a “Where are you from?” question is followed by an incredulous, “But you don’t have an accent!” Yep. That’s intentional.

4. I’m a coffee snob who has an appreciation for Starbucks.

5. I shamelessly love Taylor Swift, Ke$ha and Pitbull and I don’t care what anyone thinks of that. Once, I even drove two hours to go to a Ke$ha concert and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

6. As much as I want to go home right now, I don’t want to live in the States long-term again. There. I said it. I love America and I still think it’s the most magical, amazing place in the whole world, but that doesn’t mean its the right place for me for all time.

7. Once I worked as a baker in a Vancouver coffee shop. I enjoyed baking before but now I really like it and can’t wait to have an oven where you can actually set the temperature again. In Ethiopia, my oven is either a dutch oven on the top of my stove or one that has two settings: on and off. I’ve mastered the art of knowing when a cupcake is done on sight though.

8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. As a teenager, I wanted to be a meteorologist. The fact that I’m not very good at calculus and physics ruined those dreams.

9. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Unless you count the time I got rerouted there due to bad weather on my way to Napa Valley for my 21st birthday.

10. My university won both the football National Championship and the College World Series while I was a student and I was lucky enough to celebrate in Pasadena and Omaha (respectively).

Where did June go?

I’ve been gone for awhile, apologies.

It feels like everything is happening all at once and I just seem to have a difficult time catching up with all of them! It also seems that when something starts to go my way a little bit, I get surprised by something else… good or bad!

So I’ll try to do better and I hope every has had a fantastic month!

The one where I don’t have health insurance

With the arrival of my Peace Corps medical packet two weeks ago, I’ve been scrambling to figure out where I’ll get my physical and lab work done.

Why? I am one of the 50 million Americans without health insurance.

I believe people have a lot of misconceptions about those without health insurance, whatever the reason. I am a young, hard-working American who happens to be employed as a contractor (by an American corporation) making too much money for low-income health services and too little money to be able to afford decent health coverage.

On the same note, I’m lucky that I’m young and healthy enough to have no current issues. I discovered what I thought was my health insurance is emergency only coverage, and less than a week after applying for individual health insurance I was approved starting June 1. And I know that I am very lucky.

The coverage isn’t great, but it’s good enough for the next 5 months. My doctor’s visits will still be expensive, but I won’t be in medical debt for the rest of my life over it.  Unfortunately others don’t have that choice.

I don’t want to get up on my soapbox, but I’m just saddened by the priorities of our society. We’d rather support and fund the corporations we rely on to take care of us, but blame the individual when the system fails them.


Moving Pains

via nestonthehill.blogspot.com

As I mentioned earlier this week, I moved over the weekend!  I went from a 1,400 sq ft house (holding 2 people) into an approximately 500 sq ft apartment (holding 1).

I knew that I couldn’t wait to get out of the house life back into the apartment life, but being back in an apartment these past few days has reminded that it’s definitely the best thing for me right now.  I miss all the extra storage space and having a yard – but I don’t miss cleaning and taking care of either!!

I also love that I am able to put whatever I want, wherever I want, and not have to worry about fitting in a roommate’s items or worrying what that person will think of the location.

My dog has adjusted surprisingly well already. He has a few occasional barks at other barking dogs or odd noises, but overall, he’s found a spot on the floor to keep his pillows and has already thrown his toys all over the place.

I lived out of boxes for probably 6 months in the house, but I’m determined that not happen this time. I still have several boxes to go (mostly in my closet and bathroom), but have the pot rack and curtain rods hung in a record amount of time.  Feels like home already!