Thoughts + July Goals Update

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As I’m writing this post, I’m feeling absolutely exhausted. I’ve had a fantastic week, but the funny thing about being tired is all the strange thoughts that begin to enter your head…

When I was in the process of applying for the Peace Corps, I found a blog post by a current PCV in Ethiopia called “The Real Peace Corps.” It was one of the best posts I’d encountered at the time and still remains one of my favorite posts today. It’s so beautiful, so open and so honest about his experience there.

To say I’m not scared out of my mind of moving to somewhere in Africa, I would be lying to myself and to everyone else. To say spending this Thanksgiving and Christmas 8,500 miles away from my family and friends won’t be hard, I would be setting unrealistic expectations. I’m thankful for these thoughts and these doubts, because they remind me every single reason why this is the life I want for the next two years. And like anything worthwhile, it absolutely terrifies me.

Anyway, I think this will be the end of my monthly goals as I know it. I don’t want to give up goals and tracking them, but it’s hard for me to know what to focus on until I have a better sense of what my life is going to look like just under two months from now. So without further ado, here’s my July update:

July Goals

  1. Clean up the apartment.
    Pass. I did this!
  2. Read 2 books.
    Fail. I only read one.
  3. Re-start up gratitude journal.
  4. Run 70 miles.
    Fail. I think I got 35 or something.

June Goals Update + July Goals

I leave on Thursday for Portland. SO EXCITED! It will be nice to get out of this summer heat for several days and be around some really awesome people.

Moving on… I had a hard month. I only successfully completed three of my eight goals, but you know what, I’m gonna celebrate! Two were HUGE and I am so happy to have knocked them out. So yay for that.

June Goals

  1. Finish my Peace Corps Medical Clearance paperwork and send it in!
    Fail. I am picking it up today or tomorrow (I hope). This has been nothing but stress and drama for me the past several weeks…
  2. Finalize date to take French CLEP Exam.
    Fail. With the aforementioned medical paperwork drama, I haven’t even thought about French in the past month.
  3. Keep up with gratitude journal.
    Another fail. I don’t even know where it is… it’s probably been at least a month.
  4. Volunteer once per week.
    ANOTHER fail. I think I got 1 or 2x in.
  5. Run 60 miles total.
    SUCCESS! I ran 67.36 miles this month.The next 4 are from this post
  6. Finish my full inventory of items.
    Another fail.
  7. Pay my Discover card back down to $0 (it’s currently at $495).
  8. Become Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified.
  9. Spend money ONLY on necessities.
    Fail. Unless you count new running shoes and some more work clothes as necessities… 🙂

July Goals

  1. Clean up the apartment
  2. Read 2 books.
  3. Re-start up gratitude journal
  4. Run 70 miles.

What are you doing for July?


May Goals Update + June Goals

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I cannot believe it’s already June!! How have five months of 2012 already flown past?

May Goals

  1. Sell my dining table & mirror
    Sold the table!! Fail on the mirror 🙁
  2. Read 2 non-fiction books.
    Check! Read A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS (not really about Paul & Julia Child as the subtitle states, but rather Jane Foster… good history on the US during and post-WWII however) and Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen (This book makes me want to know more about the world of ultra running, seriously one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.)
    Sidenote: You can keep up to date with everything I’m reading on Goodreads
  3. Keep up with gratitude journal
  4. Register for a French course (or two).
    Check…ish? I signed up for Livemocha so I think that counts.
  5. Run 50 miles (total, not at once).
    Fail. I only ran 39.

June Goals

  1. Finish my Peace Corps Medical Clearance paperwork and send it in!
  2. Finalize date to take French CLEP Exam.
  3. Keep up with gratitude journal.
  4. Volunteer once per week.
  5. Run 60 miles total.

    The next 4 are from this post
  6. Finish my full inventory of items.
  7. Pay my Discover card back down to $0 (it’s currently at $495).
  8. Become Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified.
  9. Spend money ONLY on necessities.

How did your May end up? Anything big planned for June?

So close, yet so far… and other thoughts

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“Consider, Sir, how insignificant this will appear a twelvemonth hence.” – Samuel Johnson (via The Happiness Project)

Happy Friday everyone!  After the stress I’ve been feeling the past few weeks, I finally got a couple solid nights sleep (and a three day weekend!) and my mood has improved. I had a lot that I wanted to talk about today so this post might be a little random….

First of all, I am SO close to being rid of my credit cards. Sooooooooooooooooo close. I am down to about $900 on one card.

The hardest part is that I have the money in savings to get rid of the consumer debt, but still having the student loans I realize that would be stupid.

It’s so tempting though.

Goal: To have the card gone by the end of June!


Next up, I have a lot of random food at my apartment in the freezer and cupboards so I decided to put myself up to a challenge for the next week.

Challenge: Only eat what I already have.

I am allowed to purchase a couple of staples (milk and eggs), but everything else has to come from what is already in my cabinet.


I’ve read a lot of great blog posts lately… here are some of my favorite:

Dave at What’s Dave Doing writes Just a little longer, about following your dreams, regardless of the reasons you can’t.

Chris Guillebeau at the Art of Non-Conformity writes How to Go Everywhere on your mentality as they relate to choices.

Christine of C’est Christine writes This is Your Life. Self-explanatory.


Lists and Lists and Lists… Oh My!

I made it no secret that I was feeling really stressed out last week.

To combat that, I’ve made some MAJOR “To Do” lists… anything from a “To Do Today” on the back of an old receipt or sticky note (including things like pick up dry cleaning or renew Craigslistings), to a “To Sell, To Donate, To Keep” list, to a master “To Do Before I Leave.”

Every tiny idea that pops into my head as something I need to get done or taken care of is added to a list. I figure that sooner or later I will be overwhelmed by the lists, but at least for now it gives me a place to write things down so I stop worrying about them!

Since I am living by my lists, here are a couple random things I’d like to accomplish in the next month:

1. Finish my full inventory of items
2. Pay my Discover card back down to $0 (it’s currently at $1,200… all thanks to medical expenses)
3. Become Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified
4. Spend money ONLY on necessities (no dining out, no frivolous Stuff, nada)

Like I said, I don’t think it’s a long-term solution, but it’s helping me manage the stress levels for now.

How do you combat rising stress levels?