February Financial Summary

Actual debt is down to $10,742.90 as of March 1, 2012.  Financially, my month can be summed up in: built up my moving fund, bought plane tickets and brought in more than I spent.  Success!


Here’s how things look:

As a reminder, you can view the full, most up-to-date debt spreadsheet here.


I had another major fail on keeping track of my budget this month.  I purchased plane tickets and accommodations so I didn’t pay down a lot of debt, but I didn’t rack up much either.  We’ll call it a wash, shall me?  Here are the numbers for what I DID manage to track.

Need: -$114.80
I have kept saying I need to lower this category so.. I finally did it.  Needs have been dropped by $100 starting in March.

Save: $0
$100 to retirement and the other $235 to my moving fund.  I cancelled one of my payments to my Roth IRA this month since I feel like it should be going toward debt… but we’ll see.

Want: -$96.28
I skipped an entire 10 day period so I’m sure this was a lot worse than it looks… I also didn’t count plane tickets or anything like that.  So, not entirely accurate. Sigh.

Net worth: $13,557.13  (up 24.03% from January!)

I left the part-time job so now am working on my own income streams.  Hey, I made $1.02 in quarterly distribution from my SBUX shares, so there may be a future yet! Haha

January Financial Summary

Actual debt is down to $11,076.82 as of February 1, 2012.  All I can say is… YEA!! I finally started getting “real” paychecks again (since I always considered the coffee shop a second job and supplemental), so I was really thrilled that I didn’t have to break into my Emergency Fund during my month and a half of underemployment.  AND I PAID OFF MY SECOND TO LAST CREDIT CARD!! THIS IS A CELEBRATION!

Here’s how things look:

You’ll notice I changed the style up a little… I thought a month-to-month comparison would be much more beneficial and easier to see the change.  As a reminder, you can view the full, most up-to-date debt spreadsheet here.

Since my new employer is a small firm (and I’m contracted out), they can be a lot more flexible with how I’m paid and how much taxes they withhold.  I let them know I wanted to get as much in my paycheck as possible and I’d rather have to PAY extra taxes come tax refund time, instead of get the approx $1k I’ve gotten the last several years.  I mean, it’s a nice boost, but I’d rather have the money NOW to pay things I need to pay down.

Need: -$231.06
I’m still not quite sure how I was so off track this month.  Maybe because I ate out more?  At any rate, this will probably need adjusting next month.

Save: $585
Savings are BACK!  $200 to retirement and the other $385 to my moving fund.

Want: +$33.71
Well it certainly could have been a lot worse than this…  Had to get the dog groomed this month and I ate out a lot again.  Oh, and got my life back.

Net worth: $15,914.93 (up 28.32% from December!)

I’m so happy to have this major kickstart to 2012!  I was feeling pretty down about how my debt repayment stalled when I left my other job and had to focus on just getting by month to month without busting into my savings, so this was a huge jolt to my motivation.  I also received my company stock from Starbucks and began pumping more money into my 401(k) in January, so my savings took a huge jump.  Quite happily.

2011 Financial Summary

Originally I didn’t think there was any point to doing a full year wrap up, since I keep track of everything monthly.  If you head over to my financial summary category, you can see each of the monthly financial summaries I’ve done… there are only about 6 in 2011.

However this year was so major in life changes and financial habit changing, I couldn’t resist laying it all out on paper for inspiration later.

– I started tracking my debt payoff on July 5, 2011 when I was $18,328.95 in debt between credit cards, a personal loan and student loans. The number shocked me.  How could someone (namely me) who had a serious interest in personal finance let that happen to myself?  I was terrified.  I had debts over 55% of my gross yearly income.

– So I got a second job and I got serious about dumping my debt.

– As of January 1, 2012, I am proud to say I am only $11,918.60 in debt.  I’ve dumped $6,410.35 in the past six months.  If I stay on the track I’ve been on, I can be rid of it by the end of 2012.  Stay strong!

– If I stay on track, I can be rid of credit cards in 2.5 months.  When I started tracking debt on July 5, 2011, I had $7,780.11 in credit card debt alone.

– I left a job that was making me miserable without another one lined up, and found a new one the next month!

All in all, 2011 was a fairly successful year for my if I do say so myself.  This is the most positive outlook I’ve had going into a new year for awhile, so I’m really looking forward to knocking out my 12 goals as much as possible, stretching beyond my normal comfort levels, and doing some big things in 2012!


December Financial Summary

Actual debt is down to $11,918.60 as of January 1, 2012.  I will have a full year recap later on this week for anyone who is interested.

As a reminder, you can view the full, most up-to-date debt spreadsheet here.

The budgeting is BACK!  I actually kept track much, much better this month, so here we are.

Need: -$117.31
Bills were pretty low once again (I am loving this winter thing) but I expect my fuel costs to go WAY up soon with my new commute.

Save: —
I put nothing toward savings this month since I didn’t have a full-time job and needed to concentrate on paying the bills.

Want: +$112.52
I spent $111 on a music festival ticket that will take place in April, so that’s what blew my want budget this month.  Oh well.

Net worth: $12,402.35 (down 2.18% from November… mainly due to the totaling of my vehicle)

Overall, December was a pretty good month to wrap up 2011.  The budget is back and I’ll have much more income coming in next month, time to knock out those debts and build up my wealth.  On to bigger and better things in 2012!

November Financial Summary

Actual debt is down to $12,492.20 as of December 1, 2011… woohoo!!

As a reminder, you can view the full, most up-to-date debt spreadsheet here.

For the budgeting portion of my month, I did okay… until I completely fell off the bandwagon in mid-November and stopped tracking. So, there is no budgeting portion of this month.

Net worth: $12,678.99 (down 4.38% from October)

Well, I left my full-time job, so it could have been much worse.  My parents have been wonderful and supportive through everything, my hours have been bumped up at the coffee shop and I’m finding alternative revenue streams for the time being.  Let’s see what December holds for me, shall we?