Costs During Peace Corps Application Process

I meant to keep a detailed listing of all the costs associated with my Peace Corps application, but too often life just got in the way. But hey, I like seeing costs broken down so I decided to do it anyway!

$10 – University transcript
$20 – Fingerprinting
$35 – Various printing/mailing costs
$108 – Lab work that health insurance wouldn’t cover
$112 – Econolabs (2 lab tests my doctor forgot to order)
$195 – Yellow Fever vaccine & administration

TOTAL = $480

Overall, that’s not bad. Especially because I expect to have $315 reimbursed by PC for physical exam & Yellow Fever vaccine. I also had no dental or eye exam costs, since I was already regularly seeing my dentist and getting work done and had recently had an eye exam (so he just filled out of the prescription form)… otherwise my costs easily would have been much higher.

The total also doesn’t involve ANY purchases after invitation (aside from Yellow Fever vaccine) for things like backpacks, shoes, rain coat, sleeping bag and everything else I plan on taking to Ethiopia.


  1. Ahh, love the new header! Gosh, isn’t it amazing how things add up? I know with my move it felt like I was nickel and dimed through the process… and YELLOW FEVER? Yes, I know it still exists, but damn! haha..

    SO proud of you, you’re amazing, you know that?

  2. lora kathleen says:

    Thanks lady! 🙂

    Costs add up SO fast. I am a little afraid to look at the total count…

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