Actual Debt

I’ve kind of skirted around how much debt I actually have despite all the talk about what I’m doing to get out of it.  Well, no more.  I am very publicly admitting I am $13,756.53 in debt.

I put together this nifty spreadsheet to track my debt payoff plan and, hopefully, once I pay off my debt I will be able to use it as a way to track other major TBD savings goals (on a separate tab of course!).

Some notes on the spreadsheet…

  • Emergency Fund is artificially inflated due to an insurance payment for vehicle damages.  Most likely will be used by December.
  • Moving Fund target is $650 by March 2012.

View the full spreadsheet here.


  1. These are my favorite types of blog posts — seeing the actual NUMBERS we’re all dealing with 🙂 Cool of you to share them!

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