5 Gifts for Peace Corps Volunteers

Photo By Caroline

Do you know a Peace Corps volunteer currently serving somewhere overseas? Unsure of what to put in their next package for Christmas? Here are 5 small gifts you can add to a package that will help make your PCV’s day!

Kicking Horse Coffee
1. Coffee

Even in the birthplace of coffee, the average cup is really not that great. Receiving a pound from a coffee shop in the States and freshly brewing it in my home beats a cup out any day!


2. Journal

It is possible to get stationary and paper-products in country, but only if you don’t want them to last longer than a month. My poor journals have had to sustain water damage, mildew, extreme sun and all sort of random creepy crawlies. As an added bonus, it can be eco-friendly, allowing us to feel somewhat less bad about using all those trees.

3. Silicone Baking Cups

This only really applies to PCVs who love to bake, but I got some of these silicone baking cups from a friend who left and they have been LIVESAVERS for my baking. I bake vegetables, bread, cakes, eggs and other miscellaneous things in them. Sometimes they really help save my sanity when it comes to cleaning.

4. Hot sauce & other spices

I’ve learned that even in a country with “amazing” food (because after all, amazing is relative), there is a definite need for some additional spices in your life. I love Cholula sauce and balsamic vinegar so made sure those were in a package.

5. Candy

Sure, I can get the crappy EMEA versions of some particular candy bars (Snickers and knock off Kit Kats namely) but sometimes it’s just really great to have the American version on a bad day.


  1. I never would have thought of this….but you’re so right! Love this list and I hope you get some stuff you’re hankering for. 🙂

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