40 Days of No Meat

Photo: adactio via Flickr

Today marks two weeks from Ash Wednesday, beginning of the forty days of Lent.

Lent means many things to many different people. I don’t want to get into chatting about religion, but for the first time in many years, I decided to give up something for Lent. Instead of opting for fried food, sweets or another food that would be difficult not to eat, but not a huge sacrifice, I made the decision to give up meat. Not red meat, not meat on just Friday or Monday, but all meat every day.

Two weeks later, I’m happy to say I haven’t eaten meat once!

I honestly expected it to be a lot more difficult, which is why I’ve never done it before. There are so many great meatless and vegetarian options out there so it hasn’t been too challenging yet. It’s not always fun, sometimes I’d just really like to eat a burger or a Chipotle steak burrito, but it’s been a great exercise in commitment. Knowing that I committed to do this one thing for forty days certainly makes it easier to stay on track than just deciding not to eat meat for a awhile. I also have tried to be a lot more creative in my meals so that I’m not eating a lot of processed grains and sugars all the time.

Sidenote: I realized last week that eating vegetarian for a month is number 2 on my 30 Before 30 list, so I’ll inadvertently hit that goal this year. 

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