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April Goal Update

I feel as though I’m running so late with this, even though it’s still the last day of the month.  I wanted to combine by May goals with this, but after this last AMAZING weekend in New York, I want to redo some of them… so here is how April ended up.

April Goals Update

  1. Finish #18: 52 Books in 52 Week – Check!
    Man’s Search for Meaning on 4/1
    Murder in the Latin Quarter on 4/8
    And with the end of my 52, I’m going to stop tracking all my books on the blog. If you like seeing which books I’m reading, join me over at Goodreads!
  2. Reevaluate my budget
    Check! Next month I’ve moved down to even more bare bones in order to pay off debt by the end of 2012.
  3. Keep up with gratitude journal
    Check. I love my gratitude journal. 🙂
  4. Keep up with the French learning
    Meh. I could’ve done better.
  5. Exercise 3 times per week (yoga, walk/run, etc)
  6. Eat healthier (hit daily nutrition goals)
    For the most part… check.

How did your month go?