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Cutting Costs in my Life

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As I’ve been cleaning out my closets (and cleaning up my life) these past few weeks, I’ve found a lot of Stuff I either didn’t realize or had forgotten I had.  I got to thinking that even with minimalizing, there are some ways I can spend less money and/or save money with what I already have (and haven’t gotten rid of) and maybe save some serious money:

  • Personal hygiene items – I found SO many little bottles of lotion, shampoo, soap, conditioner, deoderant, plus things like razors, q-tips, contact cases, toothbrushes, etc.  I find more and more of these the deeper I go and I find it ridiculous that I spent money on the same thing, only in larger bottles.  Mission moving forward is to not purchase any personal ANY personal hygiene items until I use what I DO have.
  • Makeup – Okay, I haven’t really bought any makeup in at least a year thanks to gifts from my parents and hand-me-downs from my sister.  But aside from running out of the Laura Mercier moisturizing foundation I love so much, I probably don’t need to buy anything and can use what I have.  Plus, less is always better on this front.
  • Art Supplies – I have more than enough paint and canvasses and other paper.  Haven’t bought any of this in a long time as well, but another reminder that I definitely don’t need to.
  • Clothes – I look at my wardrobe and think it needs a refresh, but there are easier ways than buying a lot of new clothes… like buy a key piece or two, or better yet, shop at Goodwill.  I have plenty of clothes that I can wear more often for a “fresher” look.
  • Home decor – Between what I already have purchased and what I’ve created, I really don’t need anything else.  I have enough key  knickknacks that I think make where I live feel “homey” and enough art for the walls.

I think that’s it for me, but do you have an over abundance of items in your home/life that you could cut spending on in the future?