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I failed a major February goal… but for a good reason?

Well… This post marks a failing of a February goal. Today I was supposed to be at the end of my “10 Day No Spend Challenge,” but unfortunately, that failed on the fourth day.

I’m not going to make excuses. Yes, I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning prior to the challenge. Yes, my co-workers invited me out for a birthday and I said yes. Yes, I had some Paperbackswap books to mail. But most of all, I failed because I bought another plane ticket. And not to the World Domination Summit like I was supposed to, but to New York City for the Make Sh*t Happen meetup.

“The whaaaaaa-?” you ask.

Yes. First week of February on our MSH call, Jenny Blake mentioned she was having a meetup in NYC the weekend of April 27-28. I had a music festival ticket for that weekend… I couldn’t skip it. So I listed it and swore to myself that if it sold, I was buying a plane ticket to New York.

It sold in one day.

I consider that the universe sending me a message, so I bought the plane ticket and my 10 Day Challenge is ruined. Oh well, there’s always next month.  Until then, excitement mounts for both Costa Rica AND New York!

(photo from stuckincustoms)