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Book: Bruno, Chief of Police

I don’t write a lot of book reviews, but I really enjoyed Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker.  Walker’s quirky Chief Bruno and a band of  characters from his small town of Saint Denis introduce his little peaceful corner of the Preigord in the Dordogne.  That peace is broken, however, as the math teacher’s elderly Algerian father (and star rugby player’s grandfather) is found brutally murdered with a swatstika carved into his chest.

The book is unusually light for such heavy material, and I found that I could have happily followed the country policemen along wherever he might have taken me.  Bruno seemed a sort of superhero in his small town that made ever me, a self-proclaimed city girl, want to move to the French countryside… or at least visit.

I’m happy that despite my reluctance to begin the series I finally did.  I’m so happy I have the second book, The Dark Vineyard, already lined up next.