Archives for February 6, 2012

Weekend in Costa Rica!

(image via Costa Rica News)

I’m SUPER excited that I’m officially going to Costa Rica next month! My mom told me she wanted to give me a trip for my birthday (thanks Mom!), and after looking at St. Patty’s Day in Dublin (sadly ended up not working out) and some other options, I finally gave my good friend Claudia a call. Claudia and I studied abroad together and spent two weeks travelling over Italy afterwards.

It worked out so well that the following year when my sister and I spent three weeks in Italy, Claudia came along. We’ve always said that we we’re going to travel together again, but weren’t about to get anything going… until now.  One of my roommates from college, Jessica, will also be joining us for what is sure to be an action packed weekend.

All we have so far are the flights booked. So, if anyone out there has ever been to Costa Rica and has advice on volcano or coffee tours, ziplining, rainforest hikes, kayaking or surfing lessons, please send on over to me!