Archives for February 1, 2012

#28: Have a Cocktail at a Classy Restaurant

Having a cocktail at a classy restaurant is on my 30 before 30 list simply because it sounded like fun.  Luckily, some of my friends decided they wanted to go out to local restaurants once a month and last night we picked Drew’s.  I saw the perfect opportunity to knock this off my list!


Yesterday I bought one of the last available tickets to this year’s World Domination Summit.  I can’t even being to explain the feelings running through me – fear, hope, excitement, joy, terror, thrill… You name it, I’m probably feeling it.

I’ve often felt that life is passing me by.  That I’m an introvert who is, often, very afraid to do anything new.  But at the same time, I’ve felt like I’m stuck living a life that I’m not cut out for.  That I’m mired down in material things instead of experiences.

Maybe I’m not moving fast enough, but I’m making movement.  And yesterday, as 80 last minute tickets were released for #WDS2012, I took a plunge and bought one.  How I’m going to get there and where I’m staying still remains to be determined, but I can’t WAIT to spend the weekend with 500 forward thinkers and trailblazers in the beautiful city of Portland.  I might not know where I’m heading yet, but I can’t wait to find out!