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September Financial Summary

It keeps getting better and better!

My budget was all whacky this month thanks to my work bonus (!) and an insurance check for car damages. I admit I didn’t keep as great as track as I have been with a couple weeks this month being just absolutely insane.  My parents also really helped me out again with car issues (money for a rental & now borrowing my dad’s car until mine is fixed).

Need: -$264.28
Rent, energy bill, gas… I actually did pretty well considering I drove to Austin for the night 3 times this month.

Save: $0
Spot on again this month with my Roth IRA… can’t wait to increase that some day.  But my new 401(k) kicked in finally!

Want: -$1.70
Concerts, new purse, dining out.  Meh, could’ve been worse.

Net worth: +$10,050.80 (up 43.78% from August)

Application is IN!

I took a huge step today and, after 5 years of soul-searching and experience gaining, submitted my application to become a Peace Corps volunteer!

I still have a couple of pieces of information to submit (my transcripts) and I know that it will be a long road, but I’m so happy and excited that I’m finally taking this step and hopefully will be selected to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer.

On my wrist

Lately I’ve become really fascinated with wearing a lot of bracelets on my wrist in addition to the watch I wear every single day.

I have 5 things on my wrist today.  Usually I do a minimum of 3 (brown, orange and watch) and a maximum of 6 or 7.

I find I like the sense of individuality it gives me even though everything else has to conform to a “uniform” standard at my two jobs.  I like that the silver bracelet had a small Om charm and the brown one represents Karma.  I like that the watch looks all shiny and new, but look at the underside and you can tell it’s well-worn and well-travelled.

My bracelets say something about me.  Is there anything you wear that says something about you?

Net Income

Just a short little note this morning… I was greeted with this lovely image when I logged on to Mint earlier today.  I started at the second job in June and it’s so nice to see that paying of.  I love how my income is increasingly outpacing my spending.  Getting out of debt FTW!

Wednesday Musings

Has anyone ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique?  I have this iPhone app called Pomodoro LE that’s basically the timer for the technique, and it’s been so useful in helping me focus on tasks at home in order to get everything done.  25 mins cleaning, 25 mins reading, 25 mins playing games, etc, etc.  You’re supposed to use it to help you focus on a single task but, well, my way is working for now.

So I’ve been extra busy in life.  And even though I feel like things aren’t really going my way lately, I can’t help but feel like they’re going to get better.  🙂