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August Financial Summary

I did well this month.  Nay, I did really well this month and I’m so excited.

I only went over my overall budget by $80 (yes, only $80, thanks to a last minute floating trip to the river).  Overall budget looked like this:
Need: -$41.20
Save: $0
Want: +$121.71

Biggest offenses in the Want category were a new pair of shoes and dining out.  I also spent a lot more money on gas this month than I have in the past, but that would fall under Need.  Had a major car issue earlier this month with the air conditioning going out, but my parents really helped me out by paying for it and I didn’t have to dip into my savings at all.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

In my past life, those numbers would be pretty bad.  $80 OVER my budget?  Put it on the credit card!  But due to my major life changes following Hingepin Day, I managed to make over $1k more than I spent.  One thousand dollars more than I spent in a SINGLE month.  That’s shocking.  It’s insane.  And it makes me remember that after a morning like this morning when I’m sitting on the floor crying because I feel beyond exhausted that it’s really all worth it.  That I’m changing my life for the better and I’m a better person for it.  It’s all worth working through it right now when I can make sacrifices.

My net worth only improved by about $800 thanks to a tanking stock market, but still, up is up.  I have a new 401(k) starting up in September so am looking forward to that.

On Nothing

“Nothing is very strong: strong enough to steal away a man’s best years not in sweet sins but in a dreary flickering of the mind over it knows not what and knows not why…”
– C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

The moment

As I’ve mentioned before, I adore wedding photography.  For me it’s not about the sparklers or little details that made the wedding come together, it’s the joy, happiness and love that seem to radiate out of the photos.

These photos of very private moments for the couple are from Marianne Taylor, a photographer I just recently discovered, who calls it Beloved.

(All photos belong to Marianne Taylor Photography)

Friday Inspiration

(source: Sarah Roads Photographers)

Thursday Inspiration

(source via megsplorations)