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No Buy Month Update

As mentioned on my old blog, June is another no buy month for me.  It’s been fairly simple since I really don’t have any money to spend… a couple of work lunches here and there, and of course, the elements of my work uniform.  But other than the eating out, I’ve been really good this time around.

But I have been seriously coveting these shoes.  I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of summer wedges and I really think these could be those wedges.  But alas, it’s no buy month, we’ll see what I think in July!

Back to the coffee shop

Ahhh… the smell of coffee that permeates everything I’m wearing.  Definitely a smell that brings back some of my happier memories of living in the most beautiful city in the world and when everything was simple.

On Friday I mentioned Hingepin Day, in which I’m going to focus on aggressively paying down my debt and building my savings/retirement.  I cut up my credit cards and cut my spending.  I am to the point of throwing everything I have into this and I literally have about $20-50 per pay period for food, gas and life.  I realized this is no way to live, but it’s something I need to do to achieve my goals.

You’re probably wondering what the smell of coffee has to do with Hingepin Day… well, today was my second day back in a coffee shop.  Unfortunately, not in beautiful British Columbia, but a wonderful coffee shop all the same.  It’s hard getting back into the swing of things and there’s a LOT more for me to learn, but the past few days I’ve gone home and just felt the general joy that being in the coffee shop brings.  It’s a cafe (no drive-thru), which is something that is really important to me… I love that connection you receive with the customers

My weekends will be gone as well as a night or two a week, but to know that I get to attack my debt with full force and gain that extra income doing something I love?  I can’t think of any better way to spend that time I’d otherwise be lying around.

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Patchwork Friday

My assorted thoughts of the day…

  • Woke up singing this and can’t get it out of my head… I love, love, love Adam Levine.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXRtF0bepNs]
  • I spent the better part of my free time yesterday transferring all my deposits in my ING Direct accounts into my newly opened Ally accounts.  Why yes, Time Magazine, customers are freaking out.  I hate Capital One and won’t give my business to them as long as I can help it.  (Note: I do NOT get referral fees for Ally.)
  • I dropped my text messaging down to 1,000/month from unlimited, effectively saving me $120/year.
  • Decided to celebrate May 31 as “Hingepin Day.”  More on this later, but I’m so excited and pumped at the idea of throwing everything I have at my debt and getting rid of it for GOOD.
  • Haven’t made much progress on my 30 Before 30 but I have several things in the works for the next couple of months… stay tuned!
  • Forgot how much I love baseball… Nothing better in 100 degree weather.
  • Happy Friday everyone!  Hope that you all are able to enjoy your weekends!

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to head to the Food Bank to spend the morning working in the community garden.  Service is something that has been seriously lacking in my life over the past several years, so I’ve tried to become more involved.

I spent the entire morning picking tomatoes.  It sounds simple, but I am shocked by the the soreness that’s come up in the muscles I used.  It was a great morning with hours of solitude, just reflecting and picking tomatoes.  The head gardener said that many people choose to volunteer out there for the reason of solitude they can’t get many other places.  I agree and can’t wait to get back out there again.

A Day with Jane Austen

I just finished reading A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love, and Faith by Lori Smith as part of my 52 Books in 52 Weeks.  I really liked the author’s style and tone throughout the book.  Although I’ve never really been that interested in learning about Jane Austen’s life, but after reading this book I just wanted to jump into her life and works.  That not being realistic, I did the next best thing… watched Pride & Prejudice and Emma.  I wish I had a copy of the BBC Pride & Prejudice, but the one with Kiera Knightley worked wonderfully.

After the reading A Walk with Jane Austen and watching the movies, I do understand women’s obsession with Mr. Darcy, but I don’t think Mr. Knightley gets enough credit.  Both characters are so real, with their own flaws and their own mistakes.  While I love Mr. Darcy and almost everything about him, Mr. Knightley is so patient with Emma and all of her faults.  He points out her failings when she takes them too far, yet patiently loves her through through it all.  I’ve always thought finding a Darcy is unrealistic… but anyone could be a Knightley with enough patience and love.  It gives me hope yet that I will find someone who will be patient with my faults…

Mr. Knightley (via JediKnightley)
“I rode through the rain! I’d – I’d ride through worse than that if I could just hear your voice telling me that I might, at least, have some chance to win you.” – Emma

Mr. Darcy (via CrashingWaves)
“If, however, your feelings have changed, I would have to tell you: you have bewitched me,  body and soul, and I love… I love… I love you.”  – Pride & Prejudice