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Washington DC Jefferson Memorial Lora KathleenWashington DC Washington Monument Lora KathleenWashington DC WWII Memorial Lora Kathleen
Washington DC Lincoln Memorial Lora Kathleen

My First Bullet Journal + I’m Baaaaack!

It appears that moving and starting a new job were just too much for me to keep up with my lovely little blog as well. It has been over 5 months (!!) since my last post and so many things have happened since then. I’m going to just jump right back into my life and try and catch up on the past 5 months along the way.

Someone recently introduced me to the Bullet Journal (often times shortened to BuJo) by sharing Cerries Mooney’s blog post on Bullet Journaling with me. Bullet Journaling in it’s simplest and most basic form is a great way to keep lists and notes about your year, months and day. Generally, the shorter the note the better.

This is something I’ve always done–buy a note book and fill it with random thoughts, ideas, dreams, lists, et cetera. The Bullet Journal is just an adapted, more organized way of doing all the things I’ve already done. The beautiful thing about using a physical book, is that literally all you need is the journal and a pen and you can do it.

Since it’s already almost March, I decided to go with whatever notebook I could find. Super basic. This old, soft-cover Moleskine has been languishing in the bottom of some moving boxes. It has the first section of pages ripped out (you can see the evidence of that in the photo below), but still has 80 useable pages.

The Moleskine’s are lined which–based on my research–is not ideal for Bullet Journaling. Dotted or grid tend to work better and have a bit more flexibility. However, I’m hoping two of these partially used notebooks will make it through December and I can start a whole new BuJo in 2017.

(Yes, I’m already planning for 2017.)

Bullet Journal realization 1: My handwriting is atrocious.

I started my first page with an index. Get it out there and track all the beautiful things I’m putting into this book.

I am a huge calendar nerd so my first “page” is a whole year at a glance. I screwed up on the partitioning of the lines and only left room for 8 months, so the “Year at a Glance” actually starts in May. Useful for far in the future things, not useful for the next two months.

There are several goals and collections I’ve piled at the front of my list. This spread here is for items that I’ve ordered and am waiting on to receive (then I can check it off once I did receive it!) and the second page is to maintain my wish list. Generally my wishlist is kept in several different digital and handwritten places, so this will be a good opportunity to reevaluate the things I think I want and keep one cohesive list.

The every important Books to Read list. I have far too many books on my bookshelves and in my Nook to keep them all straight, so this is intended to help me keep straight the books I am interested in reading in the nearish future. On the opposite page, the ideas are for all the bright ideas I get (generally related to craft projects) and collect them in one place. When it comes time to actually implement the craft, I plan to start a whole new page.

My future log! This is a three month spread to keep track of future events and things that need to happen. As in, April 15 is Tax Deadline! You’ll notice this is the first bit of color in the journal… that’s because I completely spaced as I was writing in the months and wrote Jan/Feb/Mar. Whoops! Luckily I have some beautiful blue sticky notes that were able to cover up my mistake!

The opposite page is the running to do list. In past records I call it my master To Do and just add onto it whenever I think of something that needs to be done… eventually. This running list will cover the next 4 months and when I move on to Jul/Aug/Sep I’ll create a clean list to update.

This page is for planning my next vacation in ICELAND! Although my husband and I have most of the trip planned out, I thought the spread would be perfect for a packing list, writing down important numbers, reservation information, et cetera.

Finally made it onto the month specific. I skipped over the “Monthly Spread” that is supposed to give you a month overview (we’ll see if I like this or not) and went straight into the Daily Trackers. These help me keep track of the daily things I want to do, such as meditate, drink enough water, workout, take my vitamins, and so on. If you can read the tiny writing, you’ll see that one of my little items is “Cheat Day.” Definitely NOT a daily item but something important to keep track of nonetheless!

Lastly, I am sharing my weekly layout. I LOVE weekly overviews to see what all I have going on and what I need to do. I have each page broken into 3 days (with Saturday and Sunday being combined). The left hand side of the page is for appointments, notes on the day, important reminders, et cetera, while the right hand side of the page is for tasks I need to get done that day. This is a little bit different from the basic Bullet Journal daily lists, but I think it will really work for me. And if it doesn’t, I can change it next week!

So there is a peek into my first Bullet Journal. What do you think? Do you Bullet Journal or does it sound like something you would be interested in?

*All my layouts were inspired by the following blogs: Cerries Mooney / Tiny Ray of Sunshine / Boho Berry / Passion Themed Life

Relearning How to Run

Citrus trail line. Looks remarkably like fall… #augustbreak2015 #capecodsummer #vscocam

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Three years ago I was preparing for my first marathon, regularly running 20-30 miles a week. My first few months in Ethiopia, I broke my little toe and never quite recovered. I stopped running. Eventually, even walking–my only option in Ethiopia and while travelling–became miserable as I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot.

Reteaching my body to run has been slow going.

At first, my feet protested the walking, but as my muscles have rebuilt, the plantar fascia has healed. Then it was the physical act of running, something my body had forgotten how to do. Slowly by slowly it has worked up from walking… half a mile, one, one and a half. It’s amazing how quickly that mileage builds up over the course of just a mere few weeks.

Right now it’s mostly the competition with myself, the frustration that I’m running a mere fraction of the distance each week that I used to be able to. But I remind myself that learning takes time. I didn’t expect to run a marathon in a few weeks the first time, so it’s unfair to hold myself to those expectations. It’s a constant battle in my mind because I know there was a time I had the ability.

But I’ve started to relearn how to run. And it feels so freeing.

A Sprinkling of the Best: The Expected

I’ve already covered the unexpeced things and places I loved on our travels (here is part I and part II), but now for the expected.

Part of the planning of our big trip was that we would be visiting some of the most amazing places on Earth, places that may not be around forever. There is a reason the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat are world-famous and that is something we took into consideration when explaining what I considered “the best thing.”

Taj Mahal in Fog Lora Kathleen
Taj Mahal

Delhi was covered in a fog the morning we left for Agra, our train crawled across the country side and we couldn’t see a thing. That didn’t bode well for the Taj everyone told us. So we arrived in Agra in the late morning, only a couple hours overdue, and headed to a cafe near the southern entrance where we could wait off the fog. Our tuk tuk driver told us the afternoon would be better, but as the minutes ticked by we figured we’d go ahead and enter.

The Taj Mahal in the fog was stunning. This photo is the first time we could see it. It was impossible to see from the entrance. There was no crowd and it was actually quite cold, making our experience rather pleasant. We could study the inlay without being rushed. It was a good day to see the Taj after all… however no beautiful sunset photos here. Another time maybe? If it doesn’t collapse first.

Golden Rock Kyakito Myanmar Lora Kathleen
Golden Rock

As I mentioned in a previous post, Golden Rock was THE inspiration for this entire trip. Of course, it was one of the expected amazing things. You can read all about it here.

Angkor Wat Cambodia Lora Kathleen
The Temples at Angkor (more commonly called Angkor Wat)

Of course the Temples at Angkor were amazing. This city was lost and then rediscovered by missionaries in 1860, a vast complex of crumbling Khmer temples. Ryan and I reserved a motorized tuk tuk with driver for the day and went to some really inspiring places. While Angkor was amazing, I didn’t love the town of Siem Reap that has grown up around it, but that is for another blog post.

In sum, Angkor Wat is amazing and it is worth seeing. You can see more photos here and here.

Great Wall of China Lora Kathleen
Great Wall of China

Another big hitter on the list of amazing places. Here we took a day tour, arranged through our AMAZING Airbnb homestay (also, please use my Airbnb referral link… free money for both of us!), to the Mutianyu portion of the Wall. It had snowed the previous day and was freezing when we left Beijing in the morning. Fun fact: if it’s cold and windy on the ground, it only gets worse up on the wall without the protection.

We were very lucky that day, as the sun was shining and the wind was generally low. Meaning it was somewhat hot up on the wall with all the hiking around. We opted to take the stairs to the top, instead of the gondola, and covered something like 7 watchtowers. I wish we’d had a little bit more time to explore, but am happy I got to see a beautifully preserved/rebuilt portion of the wall. Seeing the expanse of wall laid out before you is incredible.

Hagia Sofia Istanbul Lora KathleenInside Hagia Sofia Istanbul Lora Kathleen
Hagia Sophia

The Hagia was once said to be the most beautiful building in the world. It served as a functioning Christian cathedral for over 900 years and then a mosque for almost 500 years, making it the longest-serving religious building in the world. Atatürk converted it into a museum in 1935, allowing everyone the ability to see a piece of this incredibly beautiful building.

I’d seen the Hagia before, on a previous trip to Istanbul, but it was just as incredible to see a second time.

Camels at Petra Lora Kathleen Panorama of Petra Lora Kathleen

Petra is considered one of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World, and with a very good reason. Seeing this ancient city carved out of rock–and seeing the engineering it took to make it happen–was phenomenal. Click through on the panorama for a bigger photo.

We visited in mid-March, shortly after news came out that a Jordanian pilot has been executed by ISIS in Syria. Petra is in Jordan and Jordan is just south of Syria. Needless to say, the place was deserted. Others loss was a huge gain for us, as we were able to spend an entire day exploring without seeing very many people at all. Most of our photos are empty of people, a bizarre experience to say the least. That said, we felt perfectly safe the entire time we were in Jordan. Most of the big tourist sites lay toward the south, near Israel or Egypt. Jordan was incredible and certainly a highlight despite the short time we spent there.

Western Wall Jerusalem Lora KathleenInside Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem Lora Kathleen

Jerusalem is another one of the world-famous big hitters. The entire old city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it’s more known for the pervasiveness of religion that surrounds it.

The only place we weren’t able to visit was Temple Mount because it’s restricted to Muslims only during a vast majority of the time. However, Ryan and I really enjoyed the Via Dolorosa, ending at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus is believed to have been buried and risen (by Catholics and Orthodox, Protestant Christians believe he was buried elsewhere) and we visited the Western Wall, the holiest place in all of Judaism. The Western Wall is often referred to as the Wailing Wall and my experience there was quite powerful and personal, something I have found difficult to experience in the modern Western religious context.

Side note: Jerusalem was also on my list of unexpected places I loved.


So there you have it, the places we expected to be awesome, and they were.

Waiting, waiting

Lora Ryan party photo Lora Kathleen

We are still waiting on wedding photos from our amazing photographers (hopefully only 3 more weeks!) and I plan to start some wedding recap posts once I have professional photos in hand. Until then, here is a photo of us from the hometown reception last weekend in Cape Cod!